Minnie Dlamini Jones Takes Russia

WATCH: Minnie Dlamini takes Russia

Media personality Minnie Dlamini Jones is currently in Russia in search of the coolest Russians to bring back to South Africa so that they experience the 2018 World Cup in South African style. 

Minnie Dlamini made the announce on her Instagram account: “we cooked up something crazy, something wild, because everyone says that the FIFA World Cup in South Africa was the best one yet,” Minnie Jones said in the Instagram video.

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“Everyone says the Fifa World Cup in South Africa was the best one yet,” Minnie said.

The 21st installment of the FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15. The show-piece will take place at 12 different venues in 11 cities in Russia.

Watch the videos below:



Image Courtesy: instagram.com/minniedlamini

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