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WATCH: Sho Madjozi teaches WWE Superstars how to dance in new advert

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Local rapper Sho Madjozi whose real name is  Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif continues to fly South Africa’s flag high with her hit track John Cena. Her track has now been used in a WWE advert.

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Sho Madjozi took to her Instagram page to share the WWE advert with fans. In the advert, Sho Madjozi can be seen sitting with her family in the lounge. While sitting, her grandmother changes the changes the channel to WWE’s Wrestle Mania.

Suddenly the walls start shaking and to Sho Madjozi and her family’s surprise real-life superstars break into the house as they tear it down.

As if they were in a wrestling ring, Sho Madjozi and her family are then transported to the WWE arena where they get a front-row seat to watch the wrestlers battle it out. However before the wrestlers could start fighting, she screams “Haibo”, stopping them immediately as she breaks into her John Cena track.

She says to them: “This is how we do things around here.”

Watch the advert below:

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