What does TDM mean in SuperBru

What does TDM mean in SuperBru?

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In SuperBru, TDM stands for Total Distance from Margin. TDM reflects the difference between a player’s pick and the actual score margin. Total Distance from Margin (TDM) is used for tie-breaking players who have scored the same number of points.

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What Is SuperBru?

Superbru is a sports prediction website owned by London-based and operated SportEngage Ltd. SuperBru was founded in 2006. Predictions generally revolve around major competitions such as the English Premier League, Wimbledon or FIFA World Cup and across different sports such as Cycling, Rugby, Motorsport, League, Tennis and Cricket. SuperBru is a member of South Africa’s Digital Media & Marketing Association.

How Did SuperBru Start?

The history of SuperBru started in 2001 and it was best known as a Super 12 prediction game, a paper based league, played by a group of graduates from the University of Cape Town in South Africa in their shared London house. In 2003, the first online version of the game was built, with access not available to the public.

In 2006, Superbru was officially opened, with financial support from digital consulting & web hosting company Nevado. Later, the company created a United Kingdom version, called Sports Guru and subsequently merged back into SuperBru in 2012. In 2011, Superbru moved away from Nevado, creating SportsEngage, an independent, privately-owned business.

How Was Super 12 Prediction Game Played?

  • Super 12 prediction game played by a group of twenty-something graduates
  • According to SuperBru website, the game was played on a single sheet of paper stuck to the fridge and each week the duty of recording picks and calculating scores was passed to a different member of the group

SuperBru Games

Superbru is one of the most popular sports sites in South Africa with prediction and fantasy games in soccer, American football, rugby, golf, cricket, cycling, motorsport and much. SuperBru offers three different kinds of games namely; (1) Predictor/Tipping Games, (2) Fantasy Lite Games and (3) Fantasy Games across different sports.

What Is SuperBru
SuperBru / image: Google Play

How SuperBru Games Work

  • Predictor/Tipping Gamesyou must predict the scores and winners, or score margin, in each fixture in a particular tournament 
  • Fantasy Lite Gamesyou must pick 4 – 5 players from defined lists that you think will perform well in a given round in a particular tournament
  • Fantasy Gamesyou must select a squad of players and a starting line-up for each round in a tournament

SuperBru Scoring

  • Predictor/Tipping GamesEarn Margin Points, Win Points, Grand Slam Points and Bonus Points depending on the accuracy of your predictions
  • Fantasy Lite GamesEarn fantasy points based on how well your selected players perform in real life
  • Fantasy GamesEarn fantasy points based on how well your team performs in real life

Time Commitment

  • Predictor/Tipping Games – Low
  • Fantasy Lite Games – Low
  • Fantasy Games – Moderate / High

For more information visit www.superbru.com

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with SuperBru, this article was written to inform sports fans about the history of the site and what they do.

Image Courtesy: rugby365.com

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