DStv Self Service South Africa

What is DStv Self Service and how does it work in South Africa?

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DStv Self Service helps DStv customers to clear error messages, update their details and manage payments conveniently from their desktop computer, tablet, DStv now app or cellphone. The purpose of this article is to discuss what is DStv Self Service, How does it work and how to check your DStv account balance using DStv Self Service.

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What is DStv Self Service?

DStv Self Service is any activity where DStv customers perform work on their own behalf without the help from DStv staff member. You can use DStv Self Service from your PC, tablet or cellphone to clear error messages, view your payment history, update your details and update other personal information.

DStv Self Service online offers the following features

  • Clear Error Messages
  • Check your DStv account
  • Make payment
  • View the amount due and due date on your subscription
  • View your payment history
  • Find out how much to pay
  • Update your details
  • Change your package
  • Reconnect your package
  • Access frequently asked questions
  • Get information on ways to pay
  • Manage holiday home viewing
  • Find a DStv Installer
  • Watch “how to” videos
  • Find locations where you can pay for your subscription
What is DStv Self Service
DStv Self Service / image: dstv.co.za

DStv Self Service USSD Code offers the following features

The USSD code for DStv is *120*68584#. Dial this number for self service such as:

  • Clear error messages
  • Check balance
  • Manage Account
  • View the amount due and due date on your subscription
  • Find Service Centre

To check your DStv balance, you can also call DStv on 011 289 2222 or 083 900 3788 without having to speak to an agent. You will be asked to enter our ID Number or SmartCard Number in order for DStv system to identify you. After that the automated system will make sure it has the correct information about you or your subscription.

How Do I Check My DStv Account Balance With DStv Self Service?

As a DStv customer, you can now view your DStv account balance by logging into DStv Self Service. Follow the below steps to check your balance using Self Service:

STEP 1: Visit www.dstv.co.za/self-service/ (https://www.dstv.co.za/self-service/)

STEP 2: Click Login

Enter your email address or mobile number and password to login. If you have not registered an account yet with DStv Self Service, make sure you create an account. After signing up, login with your DStv Connect ID either cellphone number or an email address.

STEP 3: View Your DStv Balance

After you’ve logged in to DStv Self Service, you will be able to view your DStv balance on your dashboard. There will be an option to Pay Now, view latest statement and transaction history.

Alternatively, you can check your DStv balance using your cellphone by dialing *120*68584# and select option 1. If you owe DStv account, you can choose to Pay Now or view detailed balances such as pay now, last payment made and last 10 transactions.

Check the below video on how to check your DStv account balance with DStv Self Service

How to pay DStv account with USSD

You can now pay for DStv subscription in South Africa by dialing a code on your cell phone. If you bank with Nedbank, Absa, FNB or Standard Bank, you can easily pay your DStv account from your mobile device. Other banks such as Capitec, Investec, African Bank and Discovery are currently not offering USSD payment.

The USSD codes for DStv payment are different depending on who you bank with. Dial this number to make payments using your mobile phone. Follow the below steps to pay your DStv subscription with USSD:

How to Pay for DSTV via ABSA USSD

  • Dial *120*2272#
  • Enter your USSD PIN number
  • Reply 3 for payments
  • Reply 4 for bill payments
  • Reply 3 for pay bills
  • Reply 3 for DStv
  • Reply 1 for amount due
  • Reply 1 to pay full amount
  • Reply 1 to accept payment T&Cs
  • Reply 1 to confirm payment
  • Reply 1 to make payment

How to Pay for DSTV via Standard Bank USSD

  • Dial *120*2345#
  • Reply 1 to login / register
  • Enter your customer-selected PIN (CSP)
  • Reply 2 for payments and transfers
  • Reply 6 to pay MyBills
  • Reply 1 to pay bill
  • Reply 1 to select DStv Subscription
  • Reply 2 to pay other amount
  • Enter the amount you would like to pay
  • Enter your reference for the payment
  • Select the account you would like to pay with
  • Reply 1 to confirm payment

How to Pay for DSTV via FNB USSD

  • Dial *120*321#
  • Reply 1 for buy
  • Reply 7 for PayTV
  • Reply 1 for DStv
  • Enter your smart card or customer number for Dstv
  • Reply 1 for Pay amount due
  • Reply 1 for confirm

How to Pay for DSTV via Nedbank USSD

  • Dial *120*002#
  • Reply 1 for login
  • Enter your profile number followed by your pin
  • Reply 2 for payments
  • Reply 2 for bank approved beneficiaries
  • Select debit account
  • Enter the first three letter of the beneficiary name (DStv)
  • Reply 2 for DStv subscription
  • Enter the statement description (you can find this on your statement)
  • Enter the beneficiary’s statement description (DStv reference / account number)
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Choose the notification type (this is for the beneficiary)

Managing your DStv account Using DStv App

DStv subscribers can also manage their DStv accounts through the DStv self-service app. The DStv app is now available for Android and iOS devices. The appallows South African DStv subscribers to manage their accounts from their mobile devices. The app has the same features as the DStv Self Service online.

DStv WhatsApp Self Service ChatBot

WhatsApp DStv Self Service
WhatsApp DStv Self Service / image: dstv.co.za

You can also use DStv WhatsApp Self Service ChatBot which allows you to perform self service functions on your DStv account. DStv WhatsApp number is 060 060 3788. Save the number on your mobile phone and type “Hello” to get started. For more information visit DStv website at www.dstv.co.za

DStv Self Service ChatBot Features

  • Pay your DStv account
  • Check account balance
  • Manage your holiday viewing
  • Clear errors
  • Reconnect your DStv package
  • Rent a movie
  • Change your package
  • Browse DStv TV guide

Image Courtesy: mybroadband.co.za

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