What Is eTenders And How Do I Apply For Government Tenders in South Africa

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eTenders is the South African Government’s electronic tendering platform which is administered by the Department of the National Treasury of South Africa. The purpose of this article is to provide information regarding eTenders and how you can apply for Government tenders.

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What is eTenders?

eTenders is a centralised electronic tendering platform administered by the Department of the National Treasury. The National Treasury is responsible for managing finances of South Africa’s national government. Their mission is to promote good governance, economic development, social progress and rising living standards through accountable, efficient, economic, equitable and sustainable management of South Africa’s public finances.

How do I Access Government Tender Opportunities in South Africa?

People who are interested in applying for Government tenders can check tender opportunities on eTenderPublication portal. This is South Africa’s government official portal where you can view etenders advertised, awarded, cancelled and closed tenders in South Africa.

The publication portal website is and you can access all information on all tenders made by all public sector organisations at all spheres of government.

What is the Role of eTender Publication Portal?

The eTender Publication Portal facilitates all government institutions in South Africa to publish their tenders, corrigendum and award notices on one platform. The platform gives free access to public sector tender opportunities in South Africa.

According to, since 1 April 2016 it became mandatory for government’s national and provincial departments to publish all tender opportunities and competitive bids on the eTenders Portal. This is to ensure transparency and eliminate corruption in the country.

What Kind of Tenders will I find on eTenderPublication Portal?

The portal lists all sorts of Government tenders in South Africa including tenders from District Municipalities, Local Municipalities, Municipal Entities, all National and Provincial Departments, Metros, all Public Entities, Constitutional Bodies, State Owned Enterprises and many more.

How Do I Offer Government My Services or Goods?

If you wish to supply government with goods or services you have to be registered with the Central Supplier Database (CSD). This is SA’s government’s process of registering institutions, organisatons, and individuals that can provide government certain goods and services. Here’s how to register for the CSD South Africa.

  • STEP 1: Go to the CSD website at
  • STEP 2: Click on “Register” and Enter your details
  • STEP 3: Activate your CSD account by clicking on the link on your inbox
  • STEP 4: Login on the CSD site
  • STEP 5: Complete all the information including contact, address, banking details and TAX information

Here is a screenshot showing step by Step guide on how to register on the CSD site.

CSD registration
CSD self-registration / image:

Please note that the website offers a straightforward self-registration process. After you’ve submitted all the required CSD registration documents, you will await the response from them. If they add you as a qualified person to do business with the government, you will be able to bid or apply on etenders advertised on the eTenders Portal.

How Do I Apply for Government Tenders?

Before you can apply for Government tenders, you first need to check which tender suits your company. Your company must also be able to complete the job. Your business must also meet the requirements of the tender advertised. Here’s how to apply for Government tenders in South Africa.

  • STEP 1: Visit the eTenderPublication Publication on
  • STEP 2: Look out for tenders advertised by clicking “Tender Opportunities” then “Advertised Tenders
  • STEP 3: Check the category, tender description and closing date.
  • STEP 4: If you are interested in the tender, go to (eTenders login) and obtain bid documents by clicking on “Tender Documents
  • STEP 5: Collate all company documentation
  • STEP 6: Submit your proposal
  • STEP 7: Wait and see if you win the tender

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