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What Is FM WhatsApp And How Does it Work?

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FM WhatsApp in South Africa is one of the most popular APKs for WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by Foud Apps. FMWhatsApp in South Africa is used the same way as the WhatsApp Messenger. In this article, we discuss what is FMWhatsApp and how it works.

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What Is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by Foud Apps. FMWhatsApp APK allows users to chat, send videos, update status and many more just like on WhatsApp. There are a lot of features that are similar to the official WhatsApp. The FMWhatsApp APK comes from the same builder of Fouad WhatsApp.

Besides chatting to friends, family and colleagues on the app, FMWhatsApp also allow users to use features such as customize app colours, hide your last seen, status update and many more. There are thousand of themes available in the theme store that you can use to customize the FM WhatsApp Application.

Why is FM WhatsApp Popular in South Africa?

According to research in South Africa, FM WhatsApp is popular in South Africa because users are always demanding features that are not found on the original WhatsApp Messenger. This is one of the reasons the developers from Fouad Apps developed a modified WhatsApp version to meet users’ needs.

The FMWhatsApp app is not available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, but you have to download the app from a third-party website.

How Does FM WhatsApp Work?

Similar to the official WhatsApp Messenger, FMWhatsApp allows you to send messages, send files and make calls. With FM WhatsApp, you can also customize your interface and chat screen, colours, go incognito and what other users’ deleted stories. FMWhatsApp offers features that are missing in the original app.

Unlike the original WhatsApp App, users don’t need to have a number saved on their device to send the message. They can send messages to unsaved contacts via the FMWhatsApp application.

FM WhatsApp Download


The FMWhatsApp app is not available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can download FMWhatsApp from third-party websites.

FM WhatsApp Features

Below is a list of features that you can get with FMWhatsApp once you’ve successfully downloaded it on your device.

  • Freeze your last seen
  • Hide view status in FMWhatsApp
  • Hide delivered and blue ticks
  • Hide typing and recording action text:
  • Message a number without saving any contact
  • Disable forwarded tag on messages
  • Choose who can call you
  • Anti-Delete status and messages
  • Customization

Keep in mind that you must have the FM WhatsApp latest version to use the above features.

Dangers of Using WhatsApp Mods

According to iHarare, official WhatsApp has confined from using the WhatsApp Mods. Many people have identified using the WhatsApp Mods. The official version WhatsApp can ban you anytime if you are caught using the WhatsApp Mods. So be careful and think twice before using WhatsApp Mods like FM WhatsApp.


There are many cons of FMWhatsApp as it’s not an original version of WhatsApp Messenger. There might be security risks associated with using the app and there is no encryption to messages sent and received, so the developers might be able to read them. Also, you can’t report any bugs or errors if you notice any.

The good side of FMWhatsApp is that it allows you to send messages to upto 500 people unlike in the original app where you are limited to 250 people. Also, with FM WhatsApp, you can send upto 60 images at once unlike in the original WhatsApp app where you are limited to 30 images at once.

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