Google Word Coach

What is Google Word Coach?

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Google Word Coach is a game designed to help expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. It appears under our dictionary and translate boxes or when someone searches for “Google Word Coach.” It launched in non-English speaking countries and also in India. It may come to other countries and languages in the future.

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You can learn and speak English very well with the help of Google Word Coach quiz game, where you find a question with two options. Make sure you answer correctly. If you want to play Google Word Coach and increase your vocabulary, but you don’t know how to play the Google Word Coach game, then you came to the right place at

Google Word Coach in South Africa

At the moment Google Word Coach is not available in South Africa, it was launched in 2018 in non-English speaking countries and also in India. This is another Google’s feature to the Google dictionary and translate boxes within web search for non-English searchers.

How Does Google Word Coach Work?

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land that when you do a search that triggers a dictionary or translate box, Google may show you this Word Coach that helps you expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Word Coach was added to Google search exclusively on mobile. The quiz game pops whenever search for dictionary definitions, or when you search “Google Word Coach” from your mobile device. The game pops up in Google app (via Android Police) as well as in Chrome.

The way Google Word Coach works is that it tests your vocabulary through an ongoing ‘test.’ Each round is made up of five questions that originate from the particular word you searched on “Google”, that’s how you access the Word Coach. It also pops up to pull from words you previously searched. As you finish rounds, you carry on to level up.

According to 9 to 5 Google website, Google Word Coach doesn’t save your score as you progress, meaning you will start from scratch every time you access it. The game is not available for computer, it can only be accessed on mobile.

Google Word Coach Screenshots


Google Word Coach
Google Word Coach
Google Word Coach game
Google Word Coach game
Google Word Coach quiz game
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