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What is NaTIS document and how does it work in South Africa

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NaTIS, which stands for National Administration Traffic Information System, is the electronic national register and asset that records, manages, stores and enforces the requirements of the National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR) and the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA).

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What is NaTIS Document?

NaTIS document South Africa

A NaTIS document is one of the most important documents of your vehicle and very important when buying and keeping your car. NaTIS stands for National Administration Traffic Information System. NaTIS document is a vehicle registration certificate which is produced when you register your vehicle at at traffic and licensing department.

In the past, car registration documents were given to the owner of the vehicle when it was registered even if the bank is the one financing the vehicle. However, that changed in 1996 due an increase in fraud. A new licensing system which is called “NaTIS” was introduced to prevent fraud. The system allows the banks and other financial institutions financing the vehicle to keep the vehicle registration certificate (NaTIS) until the car is fully paid off. Once you have paid off your vehicle or settled your account, the document will be updated to reflect you as the owner and titleholder.

Please note: you need to ask the current titleholder to give you this document.

What does a NaTIS document include?

The NaTIS document consists of the below:

  • the name of the bank or financial institution financing the car
  • the name of the vehicle owner
  • indicates that the bank or the financial institution financing your vehicle is the vehicle’s titleholder

The vehicle registration document or the NaTIS is kept by the bank safekeeping while the car is being financed. Without the NaTIS document, you will not be able to perform change of ownership and get ownership certificate.

How do I amend the NaTIS document?

You need to visit your nearest traffic and licensing department within 21 days of receiving this document from the bank or the financial institution that financed your car. You will be required to bring this document together with your original Identity document (ID) and proof of residential address.

You will be required to complete a Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicle (RVL) form and pay a fee.

Please note: the amendment fee is different from province to province. The updated NaTIS document will be given to you as the owner and titleholder.

If it happens you make a mistake while amending the document, you can correct it by visiting the licensing department with your ID and proof of residence.

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