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What is Nyan Nyan and Where Does it Play?

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Nyan Nyan is a South African reality confessions show that deals with real life issues and confessing to your partner. It is driven by real stories from people across the country. If you have a secret or a confession to make to your partner, Nyan Nyan on SABC1 helps you tell the truth TV watched by millions of South Africans.

What Does Nyan Nyan Really Do?

Nyan Nyan’s main aim is to help couples confess secrets to their partners. Confessors are given the platform to confess their secrets to their partners on a national TV with the hope that their partner will understand, forgive them and continue build their romantic relationship together.

The SABC1 reality confession show also aims to encourage honesty and truth in a relationship. Couples must not feel ashamed or scared to reveal the truth to their partner. Quickread.co.za has also learnt that Nyan Nyan South Africa educates people in a relationship that telling the truth shouldn’t destroy their relationship, rather build and strengthen their relationship. A relationship with no secrets grows and lasts longer.

Who Is Nyan Nyan Presenter?

Luyanda Potwana Nyan Nyan presenter
Nyan Nyan presenter Luyanda Potwana / image: timeslive.co.za

Nyan Nyan presenter is Luyanda Potwana. The East London-born presenter is best known for always giving out some crucial advice on the television show. Before becoming the Nyan Nyan presenter, Luyanda worked as an extra on TV shows such as Generations and Isidingo. He also did voice-overs for radio jingles and promos for SABC1. Luyanda Potwana also worked as a petrol pump attendant and as a Herbalife distributor.

Today Luyanda Potwana is South Africa highest rated TV presenter with Nyan Nyan pulling the highest number of viewers of any presenter helmed television show in South Africa. In 2017, Nyan Nyan was the most watched variety show with more than 4.4 million viewers.

Where Does Nyan Nyan Play?

Nyan Nyan plays on SABC1 every Tuesday from 18h00-18h30. Repeats play on Wednesdays at 10h00 only on SABC1.

The show is created and produced by Mpho Vilana and produced by Aviwe Business Development Services. Mpho also created and produced Kulcha Kwest on SABC1.

How Do I Contact Nyan Nyan?

You can call Nyan Nyan on SABC 1 on: 011 492 3563, or WhatsApp on: 071 263 6361 or E-mail at [email protected] or Inbox them on their official Facebook page “Nyan’ Nyan on SABC 1“. The show has a travel confession mobile where couples can engage in the privacy and under the support of Luyanda and the behind the scenes psychologist.

Watch the below Nyan Nyan episode on YouTube

Image Courtesy: facebook.com/Nyani-Nyan-Sabc1

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  1. Girlfriend sleep with two boyfriends after she give another one that she love most than other one…and a girlfriend is have a child I want to know true not from his mouth in black and white paper show who is a real father’s between two of us

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