What Is The Telkom Call Back Code In South Africa

Telkom offers a “Please Call Me” service that lets you notify someone you want them to call you by sending a message requesting a callback. To use the Telkom “Please Call Me” service, dial *140*recipient’s phone number# USSD code on your Telkom mobile phone. Then, press send. The recipient will receive a message stating you requested a call back.

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What Is The Telkom Call Back Code In South Africa?

The Telkom call back code in South Africa is *140*recipient’s phone number#.

How To Send Telkom Call Back?

To send a Please Call Me message on Telkom, follow the below steps:

  1. Dial *140*recipient’s phone number#
  2. Press the send button
  3. Once you’ve pressed send, you will receive a message saying that the “Please Call Me has successfully been sent”.

Telkom Call Back FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Telkom’s “Please Call Me” service:

How do I request a call back from someone using Telkom?

  • Dial *140*recipient’s phone number# on your Telkom mobile phone.

Does it cost anything to send a “Please Call Me” message?

  • No, sending a “Please Call Me” message is free on Telkom.

What message does the recipient receive?

  • The recipient will receive a message stating they have been requested for a call back from your number.

Can I personalize the message?

  • Unfortunately, Telkom doesn’t currently offer a way to personalize the default message.

Are there any limitations on who I can send a “Please Call Me” to?

  • The service should work for any South African mobile number.

What if the recipient doesn’t have enough airtime to call me back?

  • They won’t be able to call you back until they have sufficient airtime.

What are some alternatives to “Please Call Me”?

If “Please Call Me” isn’t working, who can I contact?

  • You can call Telkom’s customer care line at 10213 for assistance.


In conclusion, Telkom’s “Please Call Me” service is a free and convenient way to request a call back from someone in South Africa, especially when you’re low on airtime. While you can’t personalize the message, it’s a quick and effective way to initiate communication. Remember, there are other options for managing your Telkom account if a call back isn’t feasible. If you encounter any issues, Telkom’s customer service can help.

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