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What is YouTube Vanced APK And How does it work?

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We often come across ‘Download YouTube Vanced APK’ or ‘YouTube Vanced 14.21.54 for Android’ when we search for YouTube Vanced. Today we will help you understand what is YouTube Vanced APK and how does it work.

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What is YouTube Vanced?

The popular modded version of YouTube is called YouTube Vanced. According to xda-developers, YouTube Vanced adds a couple of features to the official YouTube app, including black/dark themes, background playback, built-in adblocking and many more.

injected YouTube Background Playback (iYTBP) was the primary name of the app when renamed the project as YouTube (Ad)Vanced. The thought came from the Xposed Module for You Tube Video Playback. Since the Xposed Module had some issues operating with the Android Nougat, the YouTube Vanced app was created with all options of that module.

YouTube Vanced is a complicated version supported the official You Tube app, enables you to watch videos with none in video advertisements. It’s very ad-free version like Youtube ad blocker injected into the first app. Also, there are several advanced options that official app does not supply like PiP (Picture in Picture) mode that permits taking part in video while busy utilizing another app (only works with oreo cookie Roms) and play videos within the background when the screen is locked.

How to Install YouTube Vanced?

We will teach you how to install the YouTube Vanced. Download the suitable APK file for your device from the Non-Root Downloads when installing on Non-Rooted devices. After downloading, install it and also install MicroG package found in the download links. This will allow you to log into your Google account if you want to. However, there’s no need to login if you don’t want.

For users with Rooted devices and Magisk module, they must have a custom recovery like TWRP for flashing installer.


  1. If you want to log in with your YouTube account, install the MicroG APK
  2. Select the YouTube Vanced APK you want and download
  3. Install the APK

YouTube Vanced Features

All versions of YouTube Vance have the same features. However, in the Non-Root version, Google Play Services will not play alone until you download the MicroG for Vanced so that you will be able to log in.

  • Auto Repeat Feature
  • PiP – Picture in Picture mode (Oreo only)
  • Preferred Speed and Resolution
  • Toggle Themes (Black, Dark, White)
  • Casting Togglable (can be forced off)
  • Block all ads (togglable)
  • Override Maximal Resolution
  • Background Playback
  • Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa

Non-Root Versions

Secondary Theme Version Architecture
Dark 14.21.54 armeabi-v7a/arm64-v8a/x86
Blue 14.21.54 armeabi-v7a/arm64-v8a/x86
Black 14.21.54 armeabi-v7a/arm64-v8a/x86
Dark 14.10.53
Black 14.10.53

MicroG Downloads

Title Version Architecture Min API DPI MD5 Checksum
MicroG Vanced 0.2.4-105 All All All Unknown
MicroG Vanced 0.2.4-81 All All All Unknown

Image Courtesy: youtubevanced

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