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When an angel flirts with Satan

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To a virtuous woman, an angel, the allure of a damaged man is too hard to resist. An angel must tame the beast, exorcise the devil in him.

Gladys the misguided angel

Gladys Dlamini is like the white saviour to Africa. If the white saviour will inhale Ebola and endure malaria ridden mosquitoes just to save lives, Gladys will tear apart her family if that is what it takes to save the outcasts of society. She did it with Teddy and Zodwa, she has done it again, with Lindokuhle.

Ntokozo still bears the wounds of an altercation with Lindokuhle. It was therefore I surprise when he rebelled against his mother when she brought Lindokuhle home. After shoving his mother to the floor, Thandi did what no parent ever wants to do to the product of nine painful months. She kicked him out.

After Ntokozo’s mutiny, Zodwa reminded Gladys that while it is good to be the community angel, it is even better to put your family first.

When it seemed Zodwa had talked sense into Gladys, she went back on her word. Even angels break their promises right?


After leaving the Dlamini home, Lindokuhle  who has completely disregarded his expulsion from Gomora Secondary, went about selling drugs in the school toilet during break time. But soon the thug life would catch up on him. After he had run out of money in a dice game, Lindokuhle put up his stash of drugs in lieu of cash. But he lost that too and decided to snatch the drugs off the gaming table and run. His assailants caught up with him and tested the strength of his abs against the sharp end of a knife. Unable to go home, Lindokuhle staggered into the Dlamini home, bleeding.

Angels love to suffer

Like all angels do, Gladys immediately went into Florence Nightingale mode, nursing Lindokuhle – as if he is a wounded war hero – against the protests of Ntokozo and Zodwa. Even when Ntokozo threatened to tell his father, Gladys, the headgirl of the school of angels, persisted. Frustrated, Ntokozo left his home to go and stay with Zodwa and Teddy and Gladys did not even try to stop him, her own flesh and blood. As Angel Gladys knelt and checked in with God and the other angels, Lindokuhle, home alone with her, eavesdropped at her bedroom door, while wearing a grin that betrayed the devil horns beneath his braided hair.

Despite all his divine powers, Jesus lived a humble life, he could have prayed piles of money into existence. He allowed them to hammer nails into his palms. If he wanted to, he could have smote them all with his pinky finger. Like Jesus, angels seem to love a hard life.

It is clear that Gladys’ flirtation with the devil will bite her in the backside.

Carjacking is not for angels

Thathi must have thought running a car theft operation would be as easy as organizing a Sandton soirée. But crime requires a cold heart.

Thathi directed operations while Mazet and her new partner, listed on the film credits as “New Guy” a fact which adds interest, if not a mild joke to Gomora. On the first job, New Guy had to rescue Mazet when the owner of the vehicle suddenly reappeared. The second target was Stuart, the lawyer who demanded sex from Thathi, in exchange for legal services. As Stuart left his Mercedes Benz, Mazet got behind the wheel. But before she could start the engine, she found herself nose to muzzle with a pistol. Creeping up from behind, New Guy knocked out Stuart and bundled him into the car boot before they drove him to a garage where the vehicle’s security  features were disabled by mechanics who ask no questions.

Mazet and New Guy could not agree on the way forward regarding the live human inside the car boot. When the captive began to knock on the boot, Mazet opened the lid which proved to be a fatal mistake. Either Stuart had a second gun on him or New Guy hadn’t bothered to disarm him. A single shot from Stuart’s pistol killed New Guy before Mazet shut the boot on him again. After a tearful Mazet rang Thathi, she arrived on the scene in equal measure of panic. After brief and tense conversation, Mazet proposed that Thathi pop open the boot while she readies herself to shoot Stuart. But Stuart appealed to Thathi for help and the carjacking novice slammed the boot before Mazet could send him to a very hot place where all sexual predators go.



I want my wife back

It appears the writers of Gomora have finally realized that Khaya Mthembu’s talents are wasted as a mere extra on the show. The former Isithembiso actor is gradually gaining prominence on the show. Sbonga is not happy with Pretty for trying to squeeze herself into Mam Sonto’s dangerous side business. He just wants the pair of them to focus on their relationship.

When corovirus disembarked on South Africa’s shores, every film maker had to make the decision; include the virus in telenovela (the Isibaya way) or continue with the plot, as usual. Gomora producers chose the latter, hence the absence of face masks on the show. So it is puzzling that Gldys used the phrase “danke corona“.

Mazet’s confusing character is still, well, confusing. In one scene, she sat in Sonto’s office, cleaning her gun and loading the magazine, all tough straat-mate-like. But twice this week she froze during robbery. She broke down and cried like a little girl when New Guy was killed. It’s hard to understand if it is the intention of the writers to show her as “just a child forced by necessity into a life of crime” or they just can’t decide whether she should be hardcore like Queen Latifah or soft like Boity. It’s a pity New Guy didn’t live beyond two episodes. Sonto’s gang hasn’t looked scary at all since Jomo laughed his way to Heaven – pun intended.

Rest In Peace, New Guy.

Till next week, my pen is capped



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