Who Is The UK49s Teatime Banker For Today: Sunday, 19 May 2024

Who Is The UK49s Teatime Banker For Today: Sunday, 19 May 2024? Today’s UK49s Teatime Banker is Sophie 49s. 49’s made the announcement on X. A “banker” in UK49s is a presenter of the 49s teatime draw for that specific day.

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UK49s Teatime Banker For Today: Sunday, 19 May 2024

UK49s Teatime Banker offers players the chance to customize their betting strategy and potentially win big with daily draws and the excitement of a Booster Ball. Here are today’s UK Teatime Banker Predictions:

  • UK49s Teatime Predictions 1: 04, 09, 16, 20, 26, 30 Booster: 11
  • UK49s Teatime Predictions 2: 04, 09, 11, 15, 29, 30 Booster: 29

UK49s Teatime Banker For Today Sophie 49s’ favourite number is 9. 

Sophie’s lucky number is 9 because it’s her birthday, and her favourite colour is red. Her favourite 49’s bet is a Canadian bet as there are 26 ways of winning. If Sophie won big on 49’s she would buy a classic designer handbag.

UK49s Presenters are:

UK49s Teatime Bankers
UK49s Teatime Bankers
  • Gina
  • Harriet
  • Helen
  • Kirstie
  • Sophie
  • Tony

UK 49 Teatime Banker for Today Facebook

Can you get UK Teatime Banker Today on Facebook in South Africa? No, you can’t get UK Teatime Banker for Today Facebook.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

The prizes and odds of winning in UK49s Teatime vary based on the number of correct selections and the amount wagered. Here is a general overview of the prize tiers and the corresponding odds of winning for UK49s Teatime:

UK49’s Teatime Prizes and Odds
Prize Division Approximate Odds (6-Number Draw) Return (R10 Wager) Approximate Odds (7-Number Draw) Return (R10 Wager)
Pick 5 150,000/1 R1,500,000 50,000/1 R500,000
Pick 4 8,000/1 R80,000 4,500/1 R45,000
Pick 3 650/1 R6,500 328/1 R3,280
Pick 2 66/1 R660 45/1 R450
Pick 1 6/1 R60 5/1 R50

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