Goodness Gracious put the gun down Harriet

Who’s the baby daddy, Goodness? [The Queen Mzansi]

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Goodness Mabuza (real name Zenande Mfenyana) is back in Kagiso Khoza’s life. She did not make the journey back alone. When Goodness arrived with a baby in her arms, the obvious question was raised: who is the baby daddy?

Solly disappears with thousands of Rands

Solly arrived on The Queen in a sparkling Mercedes Benz with doors that open like bird wings. With the help of his old friend Jackal, he soon convinced a lot of people to invest in his get rich quick scheme. Pfuka is an immune booster juice which is selling like cocaine in a Hillbrow slum. Georgina, who as a cop should know better, withdrew her accrued pension and borrowed R50 000 from the bank and bet it all on the horse that is Pfuka. Georgina’s mother, Patronella (real name Thembsi Mathu) turned out her husband’s trouser pockets and invested his hard earned cash into the shadowy health drink. Thato, Noma and Siyanda also threw in their savings.  And then the inevitable happened.

Solly vanished and he stopped answering his phone. Thato ordered Jackal out of the Maake house and pledged to pay back Mjekejeke’s money. And then Solly showed up. He pleaded robbery. Some thugs robbed him and took all the money he said. For a guy who had been robbed, Solly looked way too unbruised for my liking. Thato swiftly mended his relationship with Jackal, telling him that he was the father he always wished for.

Fake health drink

After Solly explained his disappearance, the Pfuka deal proceeded. But when Jackal went, unannounced, to Solly’s place of business, he found him knee deep in plastic bottles which he was filling up with coloured water. That’s when Jackal realized that Pfuka was a scam, and he had helped it grow. Solly called a meeting of all the investors with the intention of telling them about the scam. But just before he could say anything, every cellphone at the table began to beep. Imali ingenile! Georgina, Patronella, Noma, Siyanda and Jackal had all just received deposit notifications. Money has a way of silencing confessions. Jackal kept quiet about the counterfeit health drink.

Vuyiswa returned from a week’s holiday which she took after solving the serial rapist case. I wonder how Tembisa’s top cop is going to react if ever the juice scam comes to light. Never mind how Vuyiswa will react; Hector too would be livid because Mpho has unwittingly endorsed the fake juice as a favour for Jackal.

Kagiso takes Goodness back

When Goodness introduced Kagiso to baby Mvelo as his daughter, Sgaqagaqa, the incurable good guy did the right thing. He reunited with Goodness, moving her from the guest room into his bedroom. He wanted a family. But still there were doubts floating in his head. Even though he was drunk as a sailor on his wedding day, he had recollections of Goodness standing on the bedroom balcony before Siyanda, who he thought was carrying his baby, fell to the hard, unyielding ground below and went into a long coma. With Harriet and Shaka issuing caution, he had to be sure of Goodness’ motives. With Shaka’s help, he got Siyanda and Goodness into the same room. Goodness accused Siyanda of kidnapping her and holding her against her will, a charge that Siyanda denied. But the threat of Shaka’s cocked and loaded gun brought out the truth. Siyanda did kidnap Goodness to make sure the wedding proceeded without disturbance. Goodness had won. But there was still the small matter of the paternity test.

Harriet the monster-in-law

Harriet hasn’t forgotten that Goodness ripped Kagiso from her arms. She wasn’t buying the story of Mvelo’s paternity. She demanded a DNA test. Goodness, unworried about the results even suggested that Harriet choose her own lab. Kagiso in the meantime was playing daddy, mixing baby formula and all. Goodness and Kagiso had the test done.

Goodness met up with Dollar at the Blue Moon. It was a less than friendly encounter but Brutus saw them together and assumed Goodness was plotting against the Khozas with the shifty Dollar. When Goodness returned to the Khoza mansion, umamazala Harriet was fuming. She pulled her gun on Goodness. She would have used it, had Kagiso not intervened.

When finally the laboratory phoned Harriet to inform her that the results were ready, she personally went to collect the printout. Mrs Khoza had already dealt with one fake Kamina DNA test and she was not taking chances. Kagiso and Goodness seemed relaxed as though opening the envelope was a mere formality. Kagiso did not even bother to open the envelope. Shaka took it from him. He opened it. And looked up. The film credits scrolled up, leaving us to wonder, who really is Goodness’ baby daddy.

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