New Gambling Regulations South Africa

Will New Gambling Regulations Help South Africans to be more Responsible?

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Gambling in South Africa is without a doubt one of the most popular pastimes around. However, the enjoyment of gambling can sometimes lead to further issues that aren’t always apparent at first. This is why regulations are vitally important to ensure that players are kept safe. Despite this there are also some issues that can arise when regulations come into place. We’ve taken a look at how regulations can help players but also how they can make things slightly more difficult for players.

Protecting Players from Addiction

Gambling addiction can be quite a serious thing. If someone becomes addicted to playing at online casinos and sportsbooks in South Africa it can end up being relatively debilitating. What gambling regulations do is put measures in place that can help to protect players from the clutches of gambling addiction. Firstly, it makes sure that players who sign up to the site are of a legal age and they are who they say they are.

This is an important factor as people below the legal age may not have the maturity required to gamble in a responsible manner. By using Know Your Customer provisions it stops underage players from being able to access gambling sites.

Secondly, if players are struggling with gambling issues the regulations put measures in place that are there to protect players. So, if a player is starting to see signs of problems they can put a limit on their account. This will then stop them from being able to use the account and help them to avoid gambling if they feel that they can’t resist playing.

Finally, players who are making significantly large deposits will have to show that they have proof of funds when doing so. If they’re unable to prove that they have the funds then they won’t be able to make deposits to the site. This stops players from funding their gambling through illegal means. With credit cards also banned from being used to make deposits, it means that players cannot make deposits with money that they don’t have. This removes some of the temptations to turn to crime if players are unable to fund their gambling.

Gambling Regulations South Africa

Protections for Players

Regulations also provide players with some protections when they are playing at the site. So, if an online casino removes funds from a player in an unfair manner, then the regulator can step in and resolve the issue in a mutually agreeable manner.

On top of this there’s also requirements that regulators will have of online casinos. An example of this would be making sure that the sites are secure for players and that deposits and withdrawals are only carried out by trusted and safe payment providers. All of this is normally offered by online casinos, but a regulator being in place means that it has to be offered. So, if you’re using a regulated site it instantly means that protections are guaranteed rather than just expected.

Limits on Where you can Play

One thing that isn’t so positive is that limits are sometimes placed on different sites. One such example is offshore sites. Regulations within South Africa will mean that offshore sites cannot be used anymore unless they conform to the requirements of the regulator. This can mean a lot of different things.

One of the main issues that this can provide for players is in relation to cryptocurrency. Not all sites that allow for crypto to be used will be able to conform with the regulator. So, it means that either sites will have to make concessions in regard to crypto or just not offer it at all. This can put some limits on players who want to access what crypto offers online casinos.

One of the biggest examples of this is in regard to provably fair games. These are games that are developed using the blockchain and allow for players to prove that they have behaved in a completely fair manner. It carries out checks instantly and then shows the calculations that powered the game. Missing out on these games might be an issue for some players and so, it’s a slight negative that they might not be available to players at regulated sites.

Finding Offshore Sites

If you really want to play at a crypto casino, or want some of the other positives that offshore sites have to offer, then you may want to take the risk and play at one. In order to do this it’s important to look over trustworthy reviews in order to find one. This will allow you to discover which sites are trustworthy and offer the services that you want.

By using quality casino reviews you’ll not have to worry about playing at an untrustworthy offshore site. While it might not offer the legal protections that a regulated site has to offer, it will still make sure that players are able to play without worrying about what might happen.

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