Indlela short film by Lolo Vandal

Xhosa Rapper Lolo Vandal to release Indlela short film

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Xhosa rapper Lolo Vandal, real name Zuxole Ngetu, is set to release a new short film titled “Indlela”. This short film narrates the story behind his latest mixtape “indlela”.

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The rapper made it normal to rap in vernacular and that has now became a trend. To Lolo Vandal, rapping in his mother tongue isiXhosa is more than just a trend, his plan is to put his culture, city and people on the map.

With the Indlela short film, Zuxole informed us that people should expect more information on how he overcame the challenges he faced as normal human being and as an artist in South Africa.

The film features Thapelo TTP and Tux , Malik, Freddie Gwala , Soso Runqu..

Speaking to Fame Africa TV, the rapper said: “Where I come from it’s not easy for a kid like me to have big dreams, people will try by all means to crush your dreams and make you not to see the possibilities. With this film I am breaking that norm and bringing hope to the hopeless.”


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The rapper further said that he was once homeless in the City of Gold with no place to stay. He said: “I was once homeless in Johannesburg, you do not want to experience that…”

“I made a lot of mistakes, ignored the people who saw my potential and realised later that I have fucked up. I experienced love and hate from both friends and family members.” – Lolo said.

On “indlela short film” the rapper reveals how his dreams of becoming a graduate in Social Sciences were crushed and how he bounced back and used his music as a tool to heal souls worldwide.

When the rapper sailed to Johannesburg he was supposed to finish his studies at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), however, that never happened due to insufficient funds, more is revealed on the film.

The rapper said he doesn’t want to say much, people should lookout for the Indlela film as it will be available from the 21st of June 2019. For more information about Lolo Vandal and his career follow @LoloVandal on social media.

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