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Zodwa steals Zoliswa’s husband [Gomora]

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After months of turmoil, peace and harmony has returned to the Dlamini double storey, which you have to say in Zodwa’s half envious, half contemptuous voice – double storey. Ntokozo seems to have finally conquered his demons, at least for now; he apologized to his parents, to Zodwa and made peace with his best friends Teddy and Langa.

Ntokozo also got back into his school uniform and returned to Gomora Secondary. Mom, Gladys was keen to make sure that her son catches up with all the lessons he missed so she went to speak to his teachers. She met a teacher who, until now, hadn’t been on Gomora. The teacher reassured Gladys that Ntokozo was a gifted learner but would have to work very hard to get himself up to speed.

Introducing Zoliswa

Gladys and Ntokozo’s teacher became friends. Her name is Zoliswa whose husband is – and nobody expected it – Bongani the Mnandi Shisanyama owner who happens to be Zodzwa’s former boss. Even Gladys was shocked by this discovery.

Bongani, Bongani?” as if saying his name twice would somehow make the bearded man less of a husband to her new friend.

In the same breath as “Bongani is my husband “ Zoliswa also revealed her marital problems. Shisanyama Bongani — or Mpihlangene if you watch Isibaya — wanted a divorce. She sensed he was seeing another woman.

Gladys, who thinks that everything can be rehabilitated, urged her to fight for her marriage despite the fact that Bongani and Zoliswa are sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Zodwa is the other woman

Zoliswa was at the Dlamini double storey — remember you have to say this in the envious contempt of Zodwa’s voice — unloading her marriage problems onto Gladys who is a sponge for Gomora’s troubles. She eagerly soaks them up, because that’s what she does, Gladys the saviour of Alex Township. While Zoliswa was weepily unloading her problems and Gladys sponging them up, Mam Zodwa arrived. Sensing the visitor’s distress, Zodwa offered to make tea and such. Zoliswa exclaimed that Gladys was lucky to have such a kind and polite helper, because all helpers are rude. Shame, apart from having bad luck with men, Zoliswa must also suck at hiring helpers. In fact, Zoliswa sucks at judging people too because Zodwa is the other woman in her husband Bongani’s life.


Focus on your son

Because Ntokozo told his mother about Zodwa seeing Bongani-Bongani — which you have to say twice, to show your disbelief that a school teacher can date a hairy Shisanyama guy —  Gladys was not only eager to intervene in Zoliswa’s marriage problems, but she also wanted Zodwa to leave the woman’s husband alone.

Melusi cautioned her about trying to saving Gomora at the expense of her family. Focus on your son, the weary looking Melusi said.

Gladys told Zodwa to leave Bongani-Bongani, say it twice because no educated school teacher marries a shisanyama manager, but Zodwa told her to mind her own business in her typical broken English way.

And when Zoliswa the school teacher finally found out, through the meddling Gladys, that Bongani’s new girlfriend was Zodwa, she couldn’t believe her ears. She was all like “but she’s just the maid!” As if “maids” aren’t woman enough to date anyone.


Meanwhile, Bongani — yes, say it twice now — made his relationship with Zodwa official. After telling his wife Zoliswa that he wants a divorce, he announced to his customers that he and Zodwa were like this; joining his two index fingers, which could mean “same WhatsApp group” but in this case meaning together-together — say it twice.

Thathi is vindicated

From the moment Mazet walked into the Molefe house to offer support to the grieving Sonto, Thathi knew that Zanele was responsible for Mike’s death. Sonto instructed Mazet to turn Gomora upside down in search of her fiancé’s killer. When Mazet’s “investigation” wasn’t going anywhere, Thathi’s suspicion grew.

Mazet later found a scapegoat for the murder in Stompie, a small time crook. And when Mazet allowed Stompie to escape from Sonto’s custody, red flags waved in Thathi‘S mind. She tried to tell Mam Sonto but the old lady’s love for Mazet wouldn’t allow her to see through the duplicity of her protégé.

There was one person who knew for sure that Mazet was responsible for Mike’s death. London demanded R5,000 hush money from Mazet because he knew she was Mike’s killer. Mazet didn’t have that kind of money on her. When Sonto summoned her to her office, she saw an opportunity which she grabbed with both hands. Sonto was called by Pretty to attend to a problem in the tavern. She left her office with the safe door ajar. Inside the safe were piles of money. Mazet stole R5,000 and stuffed it in her back pockets, which nobody can really see because Mazet’s jeans are already full — if you know you know. Thathi walked  in to find Mazet looking guilty as the Guptas. Casting a disparaging glance at Mazet, Thathi shut the safe door. Which is like that old adage about shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. Too late Thathiwe, Mazet already had the money stuffed into her jeans, which you would notice if you were me.

Mazet was wrong to think that Thathi couldn’t see through her. Thathi followed her to her meeting with London, a hilarious nickname for a boy who has never been to OR Tambo airport, let alone the capital of England. She saw the exchange of a brown envelope — red flag— between Mazet and London, who has never been to the British high commission let alone England.

When Mazet had left, with her jeans less full than usual, Thathi approached London, who has never been outside Alex never mind the UK.

She demanded to see what was in the envelope even though she already knew. What was the money for? London, who should really be called Alex because he can’t find London on the world map, said Mazet had just repaid a loan. But Thathi told him she already knew that Mazet had stolen money from Sonto’s safe. There was menace in Thathi’s voice and by association with Mam Sonto, she frightened London who really-really needs a new nickname.

Lindokuhle — yes, much better — confessed that it was blackmail money. Mazet killed Bra Mike and paid him to keep quiet. Thathi was right after all

Manhunt for Mazet

After Mam Sonto got over her disbelief about Mazet stealing from her and killing Mike, the manhunt for Zanele began. Lindokuhle received thorough belting for not telling Mam Sonto. Sdumo did the beating while Sonto and Thathi watched.

London had tipped off Mazet about Thathi making him tell the truth. Mazet stuffed her belongings into her bag and made a run for some place far away. But the skorokoro she drives died on her, which is the most hilarious thing. I mean, she steals luxury cars for a living but drives this no good piece of rubbish that dies on her at such a critical moment! Talk about irony.

Mazet needed a place to hide. The high school dropout went to hide at Gomora Secondary, a place she hated so much that she left before she got her Matric certificate. You’ve got to laugh!

Meanwhile Sdumo had heard through his street connections that Mazet, the high school dropout was hiding at school. Thathi and Sonto mounted their horses and galloped to Gomora Secondary. They found her in the toilet washing her face, perhaps the smell of her guilt was too overwhelming for her.

Sonto makes a difficult decision

Zanele sat bound to a chair in Sonto’s auto workshop, where more torture and killings occur than any actual repair work. Even though Sonto had been baying for blood to avenge Mike’s death, she couldn’t bring herself to killing Mazet. Thathi kept whispering encouragement in her ear. It has to be done, Ma. Finally Sonto pulled out her gun. Bang!

She shot Mazet in the chest. Blood and truth oozed out of Zanele’s mouth.

“It was you who put a gun in my hand, I was just a little girl”.

A remorseful Mam Sonto began to panic as Zanele’s life slowly faded.

She lives!

Sonto’s guilt sent her to the hospital, the place where Mike should have gone, rather than crawling to his wedding with a bullet in his back. She dumped Mazet at the entrance and left her there. Mazet survived. When she opened her eyes, she found a familiar face in her hospital room. It was her aunt, the woman who abandoned her even though he knew Zanele’s father was abusing her, the eventual reason for leaving home to join Mam Sonto’s criminal organization. Just goes to show, everyone has a back story and you should never judge them until you’ve read every chapter of their life.

Till next week, my pen is capped


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