Zodwa Wabantu builds a house

Zodwa Wabantu builds a house in Nelspruit

Zodwa Wabantu whose real name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram is known for dancing with no underwear. The controversial dancer is here to prove the haters wrong. 

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Wabantu is often criticized about the way she dresses and for dancing without wearing an underwear. The local entertainer also made headlines when she revealed that she’s dating a ben 10.

Taking to social media, the star posted a snap of a three-bed room house she’s building in Nelspruit: “Just Build this houses & Count them After. At the End Zodwa Wabantu name on it👌,” – she captioned her photo.


Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa said her haters were running out of ammo because now they can see that hard work really pays.

“When Zodwa Wabantu is dry and can’t be Zodwa Wabantu anymore, I will have a house, maybe two, and a car in my name. That is the bigger picture, I own everything I have, my things don’t belong to the bank, like some people.”

She further told the publication that the best thing about her house is that she built it from scratch, she owns it and she doesn’t owe the bank or anyone. “That house is in my name. It makes me so happy because I now have a home, my home and it’s something I was always told I’d never have,” – she said.

Zodwa said she chose to build in Nelspruit because that is where she sees herself when she’s old and grey, plus her aunt is there and will look after her house when she’s not there. She’s a woman that is close to her heart too.

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/zodwalibram

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