Zodwa Wabantu responds to Celeste Ntuli’s comments

Comedian Celeste Ntuli spoke to Bob Mabena on Power FM earlier this week about her role as the leading lady of upcoming film Looking For Love. In the conversation, Ntuli mentioned that the film is about ordinary girls looking for love.

“It’s a movie that will attract normal girls. I am reaching out to my audience who are just normal girls. There’s nothing extraordinary there, whoo haaa uneclevage, no.

“Just being a girl. It’s those girls that are not celebrated mostly, those that are working hard, putting in the hours and we have some girls taking off underwears and I hate that”, Celeste Ntuli said.

Bob Mabena asked Ntuli if she was indeed making reference to Zodwa of the masses and she continued:

She continued: “I hate it. I don’t understand why Black women are tip-toeing around it, its disgusting and it makes us Black women look like the things we’ve been fighting not to look like. Everyone has called us the b word, the h word and every other word out there. Even black women [sometimes call us this] and I am very disappointed by this. Why are they called private parts? They must remain private.

“And we’ve come so far. If a Black man beats a Black woman, it perpetuates exactly what we’re trying to curb. So as a Black woman, you know the odds are against song. You walk into the boardroom with a minus.”

Celeste Ntuli was then asked if Zodwa was in the room, what she would say. Her response? “I’d say nothing. That’s how much it infuriates me. I don’t even want to take a picture with her. And I am happy to say it. I don’t care what people will say,” she concluded.

After hearing of the her sentiments, the Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram to publish a scathing response to Ntuli’s criticism. A post she has now deleted. Here’s what the post had said:

“You are disgusted? Vomit. Sisi, lets move along. You won’t take a picture with me? Did I ask for it? You don’t like me? I hate passionately. If you were asked about me, you could have said, ‘I don’t know her to Bob or no comment @celestentuli.’

“I don’t need to be liked by any of you. Do your thing. Don’t involve my name to your business sies. I don’t make friends with anyone. I work hard. That’s why you promoting your comedy movie, ngami mxm. Wazile ukuthi when you mention my name uzoba happening. Back off.”

Source: IOL

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