Zodwa wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu wants to work at Summit strip club

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Zodwa Wabantu who got famous through her no underwear has asked for help to work at well known strip club in the Joburg CBD called the Summit (Summit club Johannesburg).

Business seems to be booming for the popular entertainer who is now charging R30 000 to R35 000 and is even booked outside Mzansi.

In an Instagram post, Zodwa explains that all her life she was called a stripper for the way she dances and dresses, has decided to really take on the role of a stripper this time around.

“Society don’t discuss such but can label any woman wearing sexy outfits. If these girls work here who are the customers, our brothers, father’s & society” – Zodwa Wantu said.

Zodwa wa bantu

Zodwa doesn’t seem to care what people think of her and the reality is, “I have to survive no matter what” she explained.


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