O15 TOXIC – Fame Africa TV Gets To Know 015 TOXIC

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Tsakane Baloyi, also known as 015 TOXIC. I reign from the 015 in a town called Mokopane in Limpopo where I was born and raised. I grew up as a music fanatic but my addiction to Hip-Hop music came alive in 2005 when I went to fourth grade and moved to Pretoria.

What inspired you to start what you are doing?

I am inspired by the glitz and glam I picked up from other artists that had reached their prime already. When I got to Gauteng Province, my cousin introduced me to Lil’ Wayne’s Carter series and I became hooked on the spot. I was always intrigued by his way of putting words together and sick metaphors, so I went on to pick up a pen and see what I could do.

What projects are you currently working on? Which project is going to release in the coming days?

At the point of this interview, I am currently working on my first solo EP titled #TwoDecades. It’s a 10-track EP that I’m hoping to drop later in January or early March.

Which celebrities you believe are most influential?

Allow me to give this one to Cassper Nyovest. First, I speak for myself that during some of my shows, I would always do the “taxi driver dance” that I had seen him do repeatedly. If you look recently, after his #FillUpTheDome success, many empty spaces have been referred to as “FillUp” in the beginning of whatever venture or movement, they were working on. Lastly, WE CANNOT DENY THAT THERE HAS BEEN SOME DUDES THAT WENT OUT AND GOT A PONY AT THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS!

On what do you spend the most: Clothes, gadgets, accessories or anything else?

I spend the most on time. In the same sense that it is something I think I don’t have, on the contrary, it is all I have right now to me cause I’m still trying to get the “money” to spend on clothes, gadgets and accessory that you speak of.

Are you a bathroom singer?

Hahahaha, well! I really thought this was something between me, and the bathroom mirror, or, also maybe between whoever could catch in on that moment. Nevertheless, to expose myself, yes, I am a bathroom singer (hides). I find myself rapping, or probably rehearsing at some point in the shower. Next question please.

Whom do you love the most, your parents, friends, siblings or yourself?

I love myself the most. I think that is where love for others comes from. You need to find and understand yourself to be able to express love for another.

What do you do when you not working?

I think of ways I am going to approach my next work session. Lately I have locked myself out from many things as the hunger for more has suddenly risen, so I’m more content in the midst of work and reaching my pinnacle.

Where do you see yourself in the competition?

I don’t see myself in it. I distance myself from it. I think it leads to distractions at times. I keep it simple; I do me and you do you. If your work is above average and higher in rank than mine then I will show love, applaud, then still head back home, and work on being better than the one I was previously. Competition turns into beef sometimes and that is something I don’t desire on my plate.

Where do you think you will be after 20 years?

In the 4 decades era? Haha nah but on the real note, I really want to be at a state where I’m “chilled”, where I can “rest” , where I know I have accomplished almost all I needed to and now I am only doing extras. I don’t want to find myself hustling at the age of 40. I want to have an empire by then. A family most probably, watch my own seeds bloom into their own destiny. I want to be complete.

Do you have any motivational message you want to pass to unearthing artists or someone interested in becoming an artist?

I would advise you to do you to the fullest. You can always plan for the future, but then again you might not know what will come along the way, so that is why you need to be prepared at all times and stay committed to what you put your mind to. Stay true to yourself and watch greatness occur. Take total care.

How do people get in touch with you?

My Facebook fan page is 015 TOXIC, you can also catch me on Twitter and Instagram 015_TOXIC. For booking details you may contact me on [email protected] and for my music purposes, my soundcloud account is soundcloud.com/015toxic (015toxic).

We wish 015 TOXIC all the best in his music career. We believe that he’s got the potential of reaching his endless goals.