Afro-Soul music sensation, Berita, releases new inspirational single titled Surprises

Multi-award winning, GOLD selling, South African Afro-Soul singer, Berita, is back with another classic hit single titled Surprises, which will certainly resonate with her fans across the country and make a positive impact in the African music scene.

With a blissful tenor, Surprises, by Berita is an inspirational and exciting tune that lyrically uplifts spirits with each intoned harmony, as the Afro-Soul singer sheds some positive light on her outlook of life.

Berita’s new single Surprises is available to stream or download here:

“Do you need assurance, do you need a guarantee of what you will get, how dare you think your dreams are too far-fetched…”  Listen to Berita’s Surprises for more lyrics.

As this motivational melody unravels, Berita edifies on the simple ways to enjoy and appreciate life, as it is unpredictable and full of Surprises, so one should not wallow in their sorrow because we do not know whattomorrow will bring.

“Berita’s unique ability to create music that connects with one’s soul is evident yet again with Surprises.  I have no doubt that this single will resonate with her fans and draw new audiences to her as she prepares to release a full body project this year,” shares Benza of Vth Season.

Surprises follows Berita’s highly successful Nguwe Wedwa single release which received high rotation on various radio stations across the country and is still charting on stations such as Metro FM.  Nguwe Wedwa was a theme song at events and weddings during the festive season and has become another catalogue favourite for Berita’s fans.

Since her early days in the music industry, Berita has enjoyed a monumental rise with hit singles like Thandolwethuand most recently Nguwe Wedwa which have become national hits, and is paving her way to solidifying her place as one of the best Afro-Soul musicians of this generation.

The Afro-Soul sensation is turning a completely new chapter in her career as she is set to release her highly awaited self-titled third studio album, Berita, from which Surprises is the second single released.

Surprises is a song to brighten up one’s day when all seems gloomy and mundane. Make sure to request Berita’sSurprises on your favourite radio station and follow Berita on social media for more exciting news about her upcoming album release.