AKA labelled the cheating rumours as “bullsh*t”

Rapper AKA has come out strongly to slam cheating rumours surrounding his relationship with girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, saying they are stronger than they’ve ever been.

A Sunday tabloid reported that the star was spotted with a popular socialite at the recent screening of Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Conor McGregor at a restaurant in Sandton. The report claimed that the socialite even posed for pictures outside AKA’s car.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, AKA labelled the rumours “bullsh*t” and challenged anyone with proof of the alleged affair to come forward.

“It is not true. The claims are ridiculous. Someone just took a picture with my car and now I am cheating? I read the article and I think it is bullsh*t. In fact, I want anyone with pictures proving she was at the boxing with me to come forward,” he said.

AKA said the rumour would have been more believable if there were signs that Bonang and him were going through a rough patch, but said this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I don’t usually comment on my personal life but it is ridiculous. Me and Bonang are happy. It would have been believable if we were not or if we had problems. But we are in a good space and have never been stronger. It won’t change our relationship because we don’t listen to what people say,” he added.

According to TshisaLIVE, AKA recently came to Bonang’s defence on social media in the face of criticism over her book, questioning why South Africa ridiculed her story while women were being abused and killed by their partners.

The rapper later told TshisaLIVE that he often spoke out not because he felt he needed to protect Bonang, but because he felt to address the issue in that moment.

“I don’t even do it from a perspective of having to defend her or fight her battles. I don’t see it as going online for that purpose or picking a time (to defend her). There is no formula, there is no thinking. I just exist. What comes out my mouth, comes out of my mouth. I say what comes out my mouth. Whatever I feel like saying in that moment, I will,” AKA said.

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