Cassper shares his side of the story, he explains how AKA slapped him

Cassper Nyovest visited Oneal on CliffCentral and opened up about what really went down on the night of that infamous club fight with AKA.

He explains why he immediately shared the news on Twitter: “The reason I put it out before journalists is because I’ve got so much sponsorship or potential sponsors that want to jump on the Dome (for his upcoming show). The last thing I need is an article coming out about me fighting in some club. So I wanted it to be clear that I got slapped in a club while I was chilling.”

“This homie [AKA] was talking to his friend, his friend was pumping him. He just walked straight at me and he just slapped me. No exchange of words or an argument, nothing. This guy just walked up phaaaa and I lost my balance. By the time I stood up the bouncers were in between us. And I was pissed off by then, fortunately they were in between us. I couldn’t respond, I came to my senses… They actually stopped the music in the club,” he explained.

Cassper also added that even though he and AKA squashed the beef, AKA went back and did his “weird stuff”.

“I don’t know what the hell is happening in his life but he needs to figure it out becasue he’s damaging a great thing for himself, like with fans…”

Image: Facebook

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