Cassper sides with Zinhle dumping AKA in diss track: ‘its nearly impossible to raise two kids’

A month since AKA dropped ‘Composure’ hip hop fans have been wondering where Cassper’s response to the lyrically strong track is – the Maftown rapper has since responded with ‘Dust to Dust.’

In the emotionally charged track, Cassper Nyovest spares no expense as he goes on a personal attack against his nemesis, AKA.

The jam already has over 22,000 listens and has been shared just as many times on various social networks. In it, Cassper puts AKA on blast for being on cocaine and getting kicked out of his ex, DJ Zinhle’s Bryanston house which he claimed to own. But it doesn’t end there for Cassper as he slams AKA for not owning his music and having to ask his manager for his share of earnings.

The award winning rapper goes on to mock the former Entity member for taking deals he turned down, namely the latest Hunters Dry advert. Cassper claims he was approached first and declined because he was only offered R1 million while AKA took it on for R450,000.

Some lines from from Dust to Dust:

  • Oh you mad they didn’t show you love like they did Cass? Maybe that’s because you own none of your music even your diss track
  • I’m filling up the Dome in a few bra, are you kidding me, you opening up for Jason Derulo?
  • Zinhle left you in public and I don’t blame you sis, they say its nearly impossible to raise two kids
  • You said this is what you wanted but its hot now, you about to get schooled by a dropout!
  • Let’s tell the people whats what, lets tell them how the drugs got you f**** up
  • You said you broke up with your girl because of your album but you lying coz Bonang got you starstruck
  • Let’s tell them how JR wrote Congratulate, what do you know about ‘Vula Boot’ you only wrote three bars

Response to the track has been mixed with some applauding Cassper’s courage to challenge AKA’s acclaimed Composure. Others were not impressed by how Cassper opted to get personal instead of focusing on his career.

Source: Times LIVE

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