South African Celebrity Pregnancies and their Babies

The most beautiful gift you can ever receive from God is the joy of being a mother. Although it is not an easy road at all especially if you are a celebrity. It comes with feeling nauseous in the morning and strange cravings among other things before the child is born.

Rolene Strauss the former Miss World

Rolene Strauss, the former Miss World

Celebrities also go through the same experiences as everyone else when they are pregnant. That’s where the media gets in. They start reporting about this on their publications, making it a big celebrity news. Some celebrities give birth in a house in a tub. These are really brave women to give birth in a tub. However, some women say that they did not feel any pain as their waters broke.

Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma
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International Celebrity News

Recently the well-known couple of Beyoncé and Jay-Z gave birth to twins. Sources say that Beyoncé gave birth last week and the babies were premature. It was evident one week after that she had already given birth. Other sources say that there was a complication with the pregnancy. The newly born babies are under a medical observation. This is to get rid of jaundice by lowering bilirubin.

Beyonce Twins

Experts say jaundice is very common in most premature babies. The 35-year-old celebrity is not sure herself why she did not deliver at the due time. She says she also is not very sure about what could have caused the premature births.

Beyoncé is still believed to be in hospital but the couple is very excited about the twin’s arrival. The names of the babies have not yet been revealed to the public. Their sexes too are not yet known by the public. Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father posted the news of the newly born babies on Twitter. We wish Beyoncé and Jay-Z a happy life and family in their celebrity marriage.

All that said celebrity babies get all the care and attention they need. For ordinary citizens, you would have to save a lot of money to afford that kind of pampering.

Bucie And her new born baby

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