Cesar Ramos Drops A Teaser For His #HARD Music Video

Cesar Ramos aka CrakNoBeat drops a lil some somethin’ for his supporters. A tease trailer of his due to drop #HARD music video. #HARD is his first single off his ‘still in the oven’ project.  “This is a warm up and to alert everybody to expect something from me real soon” – Cesar Ramos. The soon to drop project is daringly titled “Watch Me Win”.

Cesar Ramos also guest stars King Blake in this music videos. It is sure to be a movie!
Stream #Hard trailer here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BReDaVOj00m/?taken-by=craknobeat

Who Is Cesar Ramos?

Cesar Gonzala Pascoal Dos Ramos born 5th February 1994 and raised in Angola – Luanda, is a record producer (composer) and musician currently based in Pretoria. In regards to his artistry he goes by the Cesar however, in regards to production He goes by the name of Craknobeat (Crak-No-Beat). The “No” means “On The” in his home language – Portuguese. It’s basically translated as “Crak On The Beat”. “I’m known as “Crakboy”. Literally EVERYBODY I know calls me “Crak”. I got that name back at home years ago. People always wonder why “Crak” because they always link it to the drugs. But at home, Crak means “Dope/skilled/gifted” and my talent earned me that name so I embraced it ever since.”

His Musical Journey

Crak grew up with a heavy interest in music, mainly the production side of it. It was only at the age of 14 when he started making his own beats, recording his own songs and as well as other artists. He engineered his own projects whilst doing the same for other artists. He realized his potential when grownups were willing to pay him for his work although he was doing it for fun.

“I listen to all types of music as long as it sounds good. I think that plays a role in my beat making inspiration. I work with different artists all the time. They all have different sounds and different musical interests/preferences and as their producer, I’m required to accommodate all of them. So I believe I’m very versatile when it comes to creativity and beat making.

I’m an artist as well, I sing and rap so I don’t stick to one genre when making music. I play around with different sounds so each of my tracks have different personalities and I enjoy using different voices with every track.”

Educational Background 

Cesar Ramos spent the first six years of his life where his dad grew up, that’s in S.tome (Sao Tome). He later moved back to Angola with his mother and at the age of 19 he moved to South Africa to prepare for Tertiary. His passion for music influenced his choice of the course he is currently studying. He started off studying I.T however, after a year he realized he had other interests. He figured he’d study something in line with what he’s passionate about. Currently, Crak is a 3rd year sound engineering student at Emendy College.


In the year 2015, Crak was confirmed as a certified Pro Tools User after passing all their examinations. He also has on numerous occasions worked with Nigerian based artist, G Slim and is said to be inseparable from rapper and singer King Blake. They’re work chemistry and friendship is profound.

Connect with Cesar Ramos

Twitter: @CrakNoBeat
Instagram: @CrakNoBeat
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/craknobeat

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