Denise Zimba regrets presenting Vodacom NXT LVL show

South African actress and TV presenter Denise Zimba has revealed her 2017 career regrets. Denise took to Twitter saying she wishes she was never part of the #Top5Drive and the Vodacom NXT LVL TV shows from DSTV.

She said in a tweet “my biggest regret in 2017 .. doing the Vodacom NXT LVL show with Urban Brew Productions.”


She further added “my biggest regret in 2017 .. doing the #Top5drive with Barleader TV.”


“I strive to only give my best in any environment, personal and professional. To respect and honor the task at hand and the people involved. I also strive to stand against exploitation of individuals and the misconduct of people in power. It’s important to stand by my values,” – Denise added.

Zimba also shared her 2017 highlights.

“My highlights for 2017 … #weddingbashers and #MTVRidiculousnessAfrica . Thank you to everyone who made every sweat and tear worth it! God Bless you all,” – she tweeted.

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