Dineo Ranaka spoils herself with a brand new car

Radio and television presenter Dineo Ranaka has blessed herself with a brand new car. Dineo, who hosted a show on Yfm called ‘Dineo Live on Drive’ and also co-hosted Club 808 (a music show on e.TV) along with Moeti ‘Mo Flava’ Tsiki posted the photo on Instagram.

“I waited seven years to take delivery on this gift. A whole seven years. Seven years of hardship. Seven years of nearly giving up. Seven years of challenges‚ hard lessons‚ hard work‚ insults‚ tears‚ emotional scars‚ rejection and redirection ” – she said.

Dineo said she had to learn to be resilient and never give up and it was only through her determination that she has now been able to gift herself with a brand new car.

“I had to be stubborn. At times I had to stand alone and it was cold. At times I had to seek the help of others. At times I had to own up for the waves of change to show up. I had to be #resilient and most importantly I had to GROW UP!”

Dineo Ranaka car

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