DJ Black Coffee continues to put South African music on the map globally

Black Coffee has been featured in August cover of Mixmag, the world’s biggest selling music and clubbing magazine.

He told the Mixmag that “I knew I wanted to be an international DJ from a very early age. And even before that it was always my dream to be recognised worldwide, even if I wasn’t quite sure how. My life at that time was very removed from the reality of this idea of course, but that was the conversation I used to have privately with myself, and with God.”

Black Coffee has been performing his music all over the world.

He explained what keeps him motivated, he said “You know, living in the rural areas and the city has been a blessing in the way they have helped me understand and respect all kinds of people. I drive on the freeway in South Africa and see these guys in their work vans, and think to myself: I have been that guy.

“But nowadays I’m driving home from playing a gig where I make a month’s salary in an hour, and that pushes me. That’s what drives me. The struggling people are the ones who inspire me, the ones who have nothing.”

We are so proud of you Black Coffee, keep on flying the SA flag high.

Image Courtesy: Faraitoday

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