Gigi Lamayne’s new single Jungle Fever reaches number 1 in Nigeria

Four-time South African Hip Hop Award winner, Gigi Lamayne, has had her new single, Jungle Fever, reach the number 1 position in Nigeria! Last week, Gigi Lamayne’s Jungle Fever topped the #AfricanTop10 chart on one of Nigeria’s largest commercial radio stations, The Beat 99.9 FM!

Gigi Lamayne’s Jungle Fever reaching number 1 on Nigeria’s The Beat 99.9 FM follows her two consecutive weeks at the number 1 position on YFM’s #TheBombChart

follows her highly successful debut single Ice Cream and Ice Cream Remix featuring Khuli Chana. With Jungle Fever, Gigi Lamayne contradicts the notion of Africa being a jungle by portraying African music as the epitome of all things music and all things creative. Gigi Lamayne brings the heat of the African spirit with this single.

Jungle Fever was an attempt at finding a middle ground to what I love most about music: dance, lyricism and Africanism. I wanted this to be a patriotic song for all Africans alike, no matter their walk of life. I feel as though this is the perfect follow up toIce Cream as I wanted to show people how artistically eccentric I can be, hence Jungle Fever was born!” expresses Gigi Lamayne.

Jungle Fever is currently on high rotation at YFM. It debuted on The Morning Fix on Metro FM last week with Mo Flava and is on rotation on stations such as Tshwane FM, Tru FM, Makhado FM, Radio Atlantis and YaRona FM in Botswana just to mention a few.

Listen out for Gigi Lamayne’s Jungle Fever on your favourite radio station and make sure to request the track and vote for the single on your favourite local charts!

Gigi Lamayne’s final instalment of her #IronLady series serious is now out. Watch her #Genesis freestyle here:

Watch Gigi Lamayne’s IceCreamRemix music video featuring Khuli Chana here:

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