Government Vacancies For September 2022

Government Vacancies in South Africa are advertised on the official websites of National Government Departments in South Africa, also on the Public Service Vacancy Circular, which can be accessed by visiting DPSA circulars contain advertised posts or vacancies in all National and Provincial Government. Additionally, you can find Government Vacancies or Government Job adverts from across Government as advertised in the Vuk’uzenzele newspaper.

You can view the latest Government Vacancies September 2022 by clicking

DPSA Vacancies September 2022: DPSA Circular 34 Of 2022

South African Government Recruitment Centre

If you are searching for Government Vacancies / Government Jobs, you may register to apply for a Government job at the following government institutions:

  • Department of Labour
  • Department of Higher Education and Training
  • Office of the Public Service Commission
  • Department of Public Service Administration
  • National School of Government
  • Centre for Public Service Innovation

Government Vacancies Advertisements

All advertised Government Vacancies in all Government Departments and Provincial Governments are listed on the Department of Public and Administration (DPSA) website.

Government Vacancies Advertised On The Websites of National Government Departments

Government Learnerships 2022

Many of these National Government Departments also have Government Learnerships and Government Internships which are advertised on the same pages as the Government Vacancies September 2022.

Government Career Development Services

The Department of Higher Education and Training currently runs a Career Development Services Centre to assist learners with career advice.

SMS or “Please Call Me”: 072 204 5056
Telephone: 086 999 0123
E-Mail: [email protected]
National Career Advice Portal:
Walk-in Centre: 123 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria

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