The Close Up With Gqamana Simbule

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Gqamana Simbule. Born and bred in eMotherrwell, Port Elizabeth. I am a full time varsity student at NMMU. I have two siblings and I am the middle child.

What inspired you to start what you are doing?

Young Money Records inspired me to start writing music at the age of twelve, more so Lil Wayne. My older brother is also my biggest inspiration and he is also a recording artist.

Which project is going to release the first in the coming days?

I released a single titled ‘$YNCHRONIZES [Freestyle] on January 11, and I’m currently working on my debut EP, titled ‘Free Your Mind’. When I am done with it, I will be shifting my focus to a collaborative EP with an upcoming local producer (Acouquistic). The Free Your Mind EP is set to be released between mid February and early March.

Which celebrities do you believe are the most influential?

I believe celebrities such as Bonang Matheba, T-bo Touch, Nasty C, AKA, Cassper Nyovest are the most influential.

On what do you spend the most: Clothes, gadgets, accessories or anything else?

Most of my savings/earnings from part time jobs is spent on creating and expanding the understanding of my stage name (Ka$h) : Karma Always $ynchrnonizes Harmony. I am also invested in making shirts and caps and I am also thinking of putting out an outfit or two.

Are you a bathroom singer?

Yeah but most of the time I sing in the studio. Thank God for auto tune.

Whom do you love the most, your parents, friends, siblings or yourself?

Myself, my family and God. In that order.

What do you do when you not working?

I’m a soccer player when I’m not in class or creating music and I also enjoy chilling at the beach a lot.

Where do you see yourself amongst the competition?

I hope my music does the speaking, I enjoy making it, and I hope the people enjoy listening to it. As for the competition, I see myself going as far as the people allow me to go.

Where do you think you will be after 20 years?

I see myself as being an established national and international artist, with a family and my own record label.

Do you have any motivational message you want to pass to upcoming artists or anyone interested in becoming an artist?

Yeah, don’t do what sells, sell what you do Enjoy it and grow everyday.

How can people get in touch with you?

Gqamana Simbule

Bookings/Enquiries:[email protected]. Instagram: @simbulele_gqamana
Twitter: @KA$H_Rapper
Facebook page: