How to Fill the New Z83 Form

How to fill the new Z83 form? Many people in South Africa are asking how to fill Z83 form. When you apply for a vacant post and job in Public Service departments (South African Government), you are required to fill out a Z83 form. The new Z83 application form was effective as of 1 January 2021. In this article, you will learn how to fill the new Z83 form.

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What is the Purpose of Z83 Application Form?

The purpose of the Z83 form is to screen and identify suitable candidates for the next rounds of the selection process. The information provided in the Z83 job application is initially screened to determine whether the applicant meets the required minimum requirements and qualifications of the position for which one is applying for. The Z83 application form is considered by the selected shortlisting committee to discuss and agree on the selection criteria in order to select the most suitable candidates. With so many people checking and reviewing your application, it is important to ensure that the application form is neat and contains the relevant required information and supporting documents.

Z83 Form – How to Fill Out the Z83 Application Form

Tips On How to Fill the New Z83 Form

Filling the new Z83 form is not different from filling the old Z83 form. When completing the Z83 application form, set up a separate time dedicated to filling the form so that you don’t make mistakes and show the seriousness of securing a job opportunity. Make sure your Z83 form is completed in full so that it can stand out from the rest and have a better chance of being favourably selected. Failure to complete all sections on an application form may lead to your application not moving forward in the selection process, which is something you should avoid at all costs, regardless of whether you have attached the information on your CV or not. Bear in mind that mistakes do happen wherein some attachments might have got lost or you may not even aware that you did not submit all the attachments. Therefore, you will be on the safer side if you have fully completed the Z83 and provided all required attachments, in case such unexpected incidents happen.

How to Fill the New Z83 Form

Follow the below steps on how to fill the New Z83 form:

SECTION A: The Advertised Post

The first section consists of the position you are applying for as advertised. In this section, you will also be required to name the department where the position was advertised. Provide reference number stated in the advertisement. Lastly, if you get the government job, when can you start or how much notice you must serve with your current employer.

SECTION B: Personal Information

In this section, you will be required to provide personal information such as surname, first names, date of birth, ID number, race, gender, citizenship details or nationality. You are also required to provide a valid work permit if if you are not a South African citizen. If you ever been convicted of a criminal offence, you need to state “YES”

SECTION C: Contact Information

In this section candidates are required to fill in their contact details such as telephone numbers for the purpose of communication. You also need to state your preferred language for correspondence, e.g English, Afrikaans, seSotho or isiZulu. Apart from these, you also need to choose a preferred method for communication. You can choose whether you want to be contacted via Fax, Post or E-mail.

SECTION D: Language Proficiency

The fourth section requires applicants to state or indicate how conversant they are at communicating. You can state ‘good’, ‘fair’ or ‘poor’. For example; English: Speak (good), Read (good), Write (good)

SECTION E: Qualifications

You can ignore this section if you have attached a CV with these details. However, if you did not attach the CV, you will be required to provide your qualification information. Name of school or technical college, highest qualification obtained and in which year you obtained your qualification. If you are currently studying, you are required to provide name of the institution and the qualification. For example, University of Johannesburg, National Diploma Public Relations and Communications.

SECTION F: Work Experience

In this section you are required to provide your work experience. Information such as your employer’s name, position held, period and reason for leaving your currency employer is required. You can ignore this part if you have already attached your CV.

SECTION G: References

Here one is required to give details of the referees. Their names, contact details and their relationship to you is required. You can include your University Lecturer, your current manager or a colleague. Ignore this part if you have attached your CV.


The last part of the new z83 form is the declaration part. Here the candidate is required to put their signature and write down the date in which they would have completed the application form. You agree that the information provided is valid and complete. You also acknowledge that you will be disqualified if any false information has been supplied.

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