I am and have always been happy with my shape and size

Rhythm City Samkelo Ndlovu has been sharing her fitness journey with her fans for some time now. The actress regularly posts her gym selfies and meal plans on her social media pages to encourage her fans on healthy living.

She recently posted a defensive post to shed clarity on her fitness journey. Even though we aren’t sure what sparked the post, it was inspiring.

“Also, I always encourage women to just be healthy: it has never been about weight or size. It’s just about health and fitness. I am and have always been happy with my shape and size, and I encourage women to never feel pressured to be a certain size and shape by society.”

“I don’t always do this, but this is to clarify some things. I decided to share my fitness and healthy lifestyle journey with you because I know how hard it is to just START.”

“I am not in any way telling women to be skinny or thin or to starve themselves. Thank you” – she added.


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