The Lyons return to your screens with season 3 of Empire

The Lyons return to your screens with season 3 of Empire, starting Wednesday, 13 September at 9:30PM.

Ladies & gentleman, you better make sure your tea is hot as things are about to get all kinds of messy. The Lyons are back with all their glorious, nasty drama and we’re totally ready.

*already sipping tea*

Let’s do a quick catch-up of what went down in the season 2 finale:

Hakeem was meant to marry the love of his life, Laura. But a scuffle from his Ghetto side of the family saw a runaway bride situation, leaving Hakeem heartbroken.

But what was more interesting is that Luscious and Anika were forced to get married at Hakeem’s ceremony to avoid her having to testify against Luscious.

And remember, Anika is pregnant with Hakeem’s child.

So not only did Laura leave him at the altar, his father married his baby momma on the same day! Rough day for Hakeem, to say the least!

But the biggest shock came after the wedding when Rhonda and Anika got into a fight and one of them was pushed over the balcony. We’re assuming someone fell to their death.

The question is: was it Rhonda or Anika who fell?

Find out when Empire returns on Wednesday, 13 September at 9:30PM. 

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