Mikky Jaggaz Expands His Music Vision

Known for his interesting vocals and versatility, Mikky Jaggaz, born Michael Idowu, is a young gifted Nigerian artist hitting the music scene in South Africa. His music is a blend of rap, afro pop, reggae and commercial beats. The interview can take on a profiling angle as well, his musical career.

As far as Mikky Jaggaz can remember, music has always been a part of his life. He started at the age of 7 by joining a local church choir in Lagos; where he played musical instruments, favouring drum sets and the piano, and at the same time doing a lot of vocal work.

Mikky Jaggaz’s love and passion for music grew over the years and he instinctively knew that it was something that he was born to do. He loved hearing other musicians sing which is why he decided to come to South Africa and diversify his musical talent and to expand his vision.

He owns his own production company ‘MJ Records’ where he records, develops and produces cutting edge Nigerian music with a twist of African beats. He has a few artists that he works with under the label and they are constantly stretching their minds to produce the best beats possible.

Route of musical interest:

Mikky Jaggaz music interest comes from the likes of Nigeria’s Don Jazzy and King Sunny Ade; South Africa’s Professor particularly from his single “Lento”; and world legend, Bob Marley.


Mikky Jaggaz considers himself a tourist and would love to go on tour with his music, having a series of shows in different cities. He would love to create a great synergy between his beats and South African beats and make collaborations that are innovative beyond what we already know.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imaginatio and life to everything.” ― Plato

Partial track list:

  • Tamutor baby
  • Adagwu
  • Rock your body
  • Vodka & Panties

Connect with Mikky Jaggaz

Facebook: MJ Records NG
Twitter & Instagram: @MikkyJaggaz
For bookings: [email protected]

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