Morena The Squire Blazes Up Dance Classic Faith Alive Remix EP

Morena The Squire is a powerhouse performer and accomplished vocalist known for his smash hit single Faith Alive and for burning up the dance floor at every opportunity he takes to the stage. The release of his Digital EP – Faith Alive Remix EP comes at a time of recent resurgence around the single from various producers who showed interest in remixing this dance classic – signifying the first of multiple releases to be expected from the artist this year.

Comprised of remixes by Metro FM’s Joe Mann along with King Bayaa and Gaba Cannal the Faith Alive Remix EP is available across all digital platforms right now to kick-start your weekend. Stream or Download here:

“Well the original song is a masterpiece, so it was a great responsibility to do a remix of a song that has a cult following. I decided to change it up completely and remove the guitar and replace it with a sound I can only describe as deep-tech” says Joe Mann of his remix contribution to the EP.

It is no surprise Faith Alive (2015) is considered a classic in house music circles. With its organic progressions and emotive soulful vocal stylings, the single’s reach of impact and critical acclaim extends beyond our shores – and more recently has received a nod from premier house music label House Afrika as well as Defected Records (UK).

“I draw inspiration from feeling, how we feel as human beings and how we want to feel. I am very big on expressing human triumph. Faith Alive was born at a time when I wanted to believe that I could call on the strength I needed to do something for myself”.

Fast forward to 2017 and Morena The Squire is fulfilling his dream to create compelling television as part of his role as Mzansi Insider series producer, in addition to being a dedicated musician well on his way to completing a full body of work for release in the latter part of the year, not to mention his continued passion for refining his art as performer.

When asked about his approach to performance, Morena explains “… performance is about consistent energy and control. Every beat and moment is as important, as connecting with my audience with feeling”.

“Performing my music for large crowds is the ultimate platform for my expression”.

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