Moz Kidd releases visuals for BEEN THRU A LOT off his mixtape

Rising freshman from Nelspruit, Moz Kidd, is proving that there is no slowing him down. Hungry to get heard, Moz Kidd has consistently been releasing music and accompanying visuals since dropping his first commercial track last year.

Following the release of his mixtape “What Were You Doing At 19?” which he dropped in August and was followed by a music video in September for track “Too Young (Part 1)”, Moz Kidd now releases visuals for another song on his mixtape project titled “BEEN THRU A LOT”.

Watch the “BEEN THRU A LOT” motion picture music video here:

Moz Kidd partially tells his story in “Been Thru A Lot” which in short he explains how he went from managing to get Riky Rick on a song at age 18, to being rejected and counted out various times in the music industry, to doing everything on his own without any label/management, to losing friends and trying to convince his parents that music is what he wants to do. The manner in which he delivers the message is nearly impeccable.

The song “Been Thru A Lot” has been a fan favourite and has been the most requested song for a video from those who have heard the mixtape.

“With my mixtape, I wanted to take the audience on a journey and this specific song is like the speed-bump (difficult time) in the journey and I think most young people like me, especially the “dreamers”, can relate to a song like this because we all fight our own battles during the “dream-chase” therefore I feel like this song lets them know that they are not alone. Even I, Moz Kidd, am going through the tough time” shares Moz Kidd.

This will be the last video from the mixtape that Moz Kidd will be dropping as he will be releasing new music and new visuals in 2017.

With a recent nod from Hype Magazine making the Top 7 HYPE FRESHMAN for 2017 list from a nomination list of 28 artists, Moz Kidd is proving that he is here to stay and that there is a lot more that the music industry can expect from him in the near future.

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