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MP3 Juice apk is an application based on the famous MP3Juices website. The proposal is to offer quality MP3 music downloads, from different sources. In other words, it works as a music search engine and, at the same time, a file repository. As much as the most used option is the download, the program also allows reproduction.

The app has these two features available. Thus, it is possible to search for music, download it and, at the same time, use it as a music player. All in just one program. To learn more about this application, follow!

How to Use MP3 Juice apk

The first step is to download the MP3 Juice apk file on your mobile. Like all applications that are installed from unknown sources, it is necessary to authorize the process through the guidelines that appear in the guidance boxes that appear on the cell phone.

The application does not require login or registration in order to be used. Just access the icon and start browsing the options. The application requires access to the media and download folder in order to be able to store the songs and also to allow files that are already on the phone to be accessed.

Therefore, on the home page, the songs that are present on the cell phone already appear. In addition, there is a search bar for searching for new sounds. At the bottom of the screen, the application features a simple audio player, with the name of the song and the options to play / pause, fast forward and rewind.

For MP3 Juice apk to work, it must have access to the internet. Without this feature, he is unable to search or play or download music. After finding the desired track, just click on it to start listening to it, or choose the cloud symbol to download.

Our Opinion about Mp3 juice

The application’s proposal is good: to offer quality music from the internet, either for playback or download. As it is based on the MP3Juices website, the design is simple and intuitive, with few options within the menu, which facilitates navigation.

The search is centralized, sending the app’s highlight. It works efficiently, finding several possibilities, such as the original audio, covers and other options that can be found within the internet. So it is easy to find what you are looking for.

Another very interesting feature of MP3 Juice apk is the possibility to play the audio without the download, which saves the phone’s memory. However, because it depends on internet access, this may not be the best option, as it consumes data.

Another very negative point is the presence of instabilities. Several times the app presented the connection error message, even with access to WiFi and cell phone data. So it may be that right when you need it most, it doesn’t work.

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