Nicole Nyaba’s ‘boyfriend’ apologies for her

Nicole Nyaba, the woman rapper AKA has denied cheating on Bonang Matheba with, certainly has at least one other man in a fluster.

According to The Citizen, a man claiming to be Nicole Nyaba’s boyfriend has taken to Instagram, at first to criticise her, only to later claim he won’t give up on their love.

Nicole Nyaba is the woman AKA denied cheating on Bonang Matheba with. He has called for people to provide evidence of his infidelity, either through photos or videos, to prove he has been spending time with her.

Nyaba has also denied dating AKA. The man claiming to be her boyfriend at first said he should have listened to the people who warned him against dating her, and added he shouldn’t have listened to her when she insisted on keeping their relationship private.

He then shared a video of her seeming angry and throwing things at the person who was taking the video, presumably him.

However, his anger only lasted for a few hours. He returned to Instagram to share how he will not leave his woman just because of the cheating rumours. He further asked for her forgiveness for his previous post in which he called her the kind of names used on Bonang after DJ Zinhle revealed she was dating AKA.

The man said love should be above everything and, if being with her would result in people calling him weak, he was okay with it.


“I’m sorry, I can’t afford to lose a beautiful and a strong woman, I couldn’t handle the pressure I had to drag us to the public, without you there is no me, a Leo’s biggest asset is his heart, the public didn’t know when we started this and I promise they won’t see the end of us, if loving shows I’m weak, I would love to be weak forever.”

“After-all love is above everything falling in love with you isn’t a crime I’m proud of you because you made me find myself I was lost, you are the most beautiful woman in my world, I have never been connected to any woman in my life as much as I have been connected to you, being a side chick of another man is totally not acceptable, we all make mistakes and I have admitted to my own mistake, forgive and give me another chance.

“I really don’t care about what other people say, let anyone who has never loved before step forward and judge me, I look through your eyes and see the future mother of all my kids, I adore you, I wanted a private relationship with you because I can’t afford to lose you, I’m not a psycho I am just in love with you and I would do anything to protect that love,” he said on Instagram, along with a photo of her sitting on his lap.”

His social media followers have commented on his posts, with some telling him to leave her, while others have criticised him for being so public about his supposed girlfriend on social media.

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