South Africans shocked at racist comments towards Tumi Morake’s accident

Actress and comedian Tumi Morake was involved in a serious car accident near Sun City in the North West. Tumi and her family were travelling towards Sun City when two cars collided on the R556.

Tumi was travelling with her husband and three children last night when they were involved in a head-on collision.

The response to Tumi Morake’s car accident was met with sympathy & vile hostility on social media.

Social media crime pages shared details of the accident, including pictures of the damaged vehicles and the response was vitriolic.

Screen grabs from comments on the Intelligence Bureau SA post on the accident were being shared on Twitter. Users said the accident was “blind justice” and that “karma is a bitch”.

One screen shot was from Johan van Rhyn who said in response to the post on Facebook: “RIP… oh she did not pass on… Hope she uses her second chance on life… to look back at the comments she makes witout thinking of the negative impact on society.”

Other social media users were outraged by the comments and while some responded with more hate, many others said they were ashamed by what they had read and wished Morake a speedy recovery.

Twitter user Vhugala wrote “This is what white People think of #tumimorake accident, kindly visit the Intelligence Bureau Page and you shall see how evil these things are.”

User Pieter Potgieter said on Facebook said he found the comments shocking.

“I do not wish this on anyone! Not even my biggest enemy! Reading this, I am ashamed to say I am white, afrikaans and was to some extent offended by her comments (but during this time, that is irrelevant). We as white and afrikaans people were not raised THIS heartless! Never! We as a bigger nation were not meant to fight over the demise of another! SIES!!!”

Yolandé De Beer wrote on Facebook: “Karma? Really? Her children & husband was in the car with her that had nothing to do with this whole story. May all involved recover swiftly.”

See the below screenshots:

Tumi Morake racist comments

Tumi Morake racist comments

Tumi accident

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