Season 2 of Uyanda Mbuli’s reality show returns

Local TV personality Uyanda Mbuli will be back on your TV screens soon with a new season of her SABC 3 reality show, Uyanda: It’s On.

In the new season we’ll be seeing Uyanda jetting off to Dubai and New York.

According to Huffington Post Uyanda’s divorce to ex-husband, Sisa Mbuli was the inspiration behind her creating the reality show as she found it difficult to still live in South Africa after the separation.

“South Africa was becoming too difficult and too rough for me. The negativity and how my name was being thrown and dragged through mud got tiring. The negativity got to me. I realized then that if I’m not accepted in my own country, I can be accepted elsewhere and that if this dream of mine is so big, then I can live it anywhere in the world”. She told the publication.

The first season of the show was met with a lot of mixed reactions from the public as some viewers didn’t know whether the first season of Uyanda It’s On was a reality show or a documentary.

However, in an interview on Trends SA Uyanda explained her vision for the first season.

“There are mixed feelings about it. Other people asking if [the show] is a documentary or reality show, but I had to put it into perspective and context first. You won’t be able to understand the person if there’s no context,” she explained.

Uyanda made the announcement on Twitter and her fans went wild!

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