South Africans slam ‘Kani to star alongside Beyoncé’ headline #TheLionKing

Following the recent a reveal of the epic cast of remake Disney’s ‘The Lion King‘, which includes Mzansi’s veteran actor, director and playwright John Kani.

The new live film action Disney’s 1994 animated film also features singer and actress Beyonce Knowles, actor James Earl Jones and comedian John Oliver.

Kani plays Rafiki, while Beyonce plays Nala, and Alfre Woodard voices the character of Simba’s mother Sarabi.

The Lion King Beyonce

Directed by Jon Favreau, the movie follows the storyline of the 1994 animated film, in which a young lion named Simba grows up on the African savanna after his uncle Scar conspires to usurp his father Mufasa’s place as king.

John Kani Beyonce

However, it was this headline that really got Mzansi’s tongues wagging on Twitter “Kani to star alongside Beyonce in ‘The Lion King”:

Actor, model and television presenter Maps Maponyane took it upon himself correct the headline:

Source: IOL

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