Five Minutes With Afternoon Express’ Palesa Tembe

Afternoon Express’ Palesa Tembe

Durban’s Palesa Tembe made an impact on the judges from her very first audition thanks to her spunk, friendliness and positive energy.

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Every week during Presenter Search on 3, Palesa overcame each and every curveball that was thrown her way and it’s her ability to draw audiences in with her personality while thinking on her feet that has made her the perfect addition to SABC 3’s Afternoon Express.

Get to know Palesa better with this short Q&A: 

What has been the highlight of your time on Presenter Search on 3?

My highlight on Presenter Search on 3 has been getting guidance and mentorship from judges like Patience Stevens, Jeannie D, and DJ Fresh who have been in the industry for years. The amount of growth I’ve experienced has been immeasurable. Sbusiso Kumalo too, kept me focused with his life coaching style to critiquing my performance.

What has been the biggest lesson this experience has taught you?

My biggest lesson is I have more to offer than I realise. My role as a TV presenter goes beyond interviews and travelogues. I am used as a tool for teaching, and have a responsibility to my audiences.

How would you describe your presenting style?

My presenting style is definitely energetic and expressive. I’m a casual presenter that focuses more on connecting with audiences rather than being perfect. I do enjoy the more refined presenting style too, but I’m most comfortable being myself.

You hail from Durban and now that you will be hosting Afternoon Express, which is based in Cape Town, how will you be managing your time when it comes to seeing your family?

Being a part of such a close-knit family we will have to make the distance work for us. Going down to Durban or inviting them over to see my gorgeous new city of Cape Town will have to be the remedy every two or so months. In the meantime, video calls will also be a saving grace.

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