Zodwa Wabantu set to visit Zambia despite being called names

Zodwa Wabantu banned from Zambia

Zodwa Wabantu has set the record straight that she’s been banned from performing in Zambia. Reports claimed that Zambia has barred South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu from entering the country to “avoid corrupting public morals”.

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister, Godfridah Sumaili, previously told the local Zambian publication The Times of Zambia that Wabantu was not welcome in the country because she promotes immorality with her shows.

“It is clear we are a Christian nation and we uphold the values of morality and ethics… as a nation, we cannot allow such. I mean, someone performing without underwear, there’s no morality there,” Godfridah was quoted as saying.

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