SA female celebrities speak out against rape

Rami Chuene SA celebrities

The ongoing rape trial of the senior pastor of a Jesus Dominion International, Pastor Tim Omotoso, has parked outrage in the country. South African female celebrities such as Anele Mdoda, Mona Skenjana and Rami Chuene, also took to social media to voice their disgust and anger towards sexual abuse against women and children in the country. 

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“Watching #OmotosoTrial I’m numb, my mouth is dry, I’m hyperventilating and gripped by unknown fear. I’m convinced that had I been the one on the stand I would have crumbled had my rapists been on trial. Their deaths spared me. Sending love to all these young women(sic),” The Queen actress Rami Chuene said.

While television personality Anele Mdoda shared: “Women are the biggest protectors of rapists and molesters. This is why uncles, fathers, older brothers and cousins can rape sisters in the same house. It’s not that no one sees, it’s because males are constantly protected. Victims have had to self heal years on. Askies Cheryl.”

Actress Mona Skenjana also took to social media to share her views, saying: “What happens when the witness isn’t strong? Do we still rally behind them? Do we still believe them and not doubt them? Why must a woman be a rock to be heard? Trauma breaks the spirit, not all of us are able to carry it well. #OmotosoTrial”

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