Actress and Musician Thembi Seete is the new face of Ponds

Thembi Seete is the new face of Ponds

Actress and musician Thembi Seete has been announced as the new face of beauty brand Ponds SA.

The news was announced as the beauty brand was launching their new and improved Age Miracle range.

The NEW POND’s Age Miracle, with Retinol-C Complex, the next generation retinol works non-stop for 24-hours to help today’s modern woman navigate a dynamic lifestyle.

Speaking at the launch, Seete said that turning 40 made her look back and made her feel even more beautiful.

“When I reached forty, something within me changed. There was just a sense of peace that came over me, I stopped doubting myself, I stopped judging myself…I started becoming so proud of myself and just looking back it’s like: ‘You worked hard, you pushed as much as you can, you took care of yourself and you achieved something.’ And the minute I felt all those things, I changed, my whole face changed, I became more beautiful, they say: ‘Feel it, believe it and you’ll see it.’

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