Khabonina Qubeka Highlights The Importance Of Yoga At The Hong Kong

Khabonina & YogaRaj Doing Yoga

Last month, Khabonina Qubeka announced her international KhaboYoga tour – an exciting program which aims to spread the message of health and fitness and its importance. Now, she has returned from Hong Kong, the tour’s first stop, where she and YogaRaj conducted the first ever #Mandela100Yogathon with assistance of Brand South Africa and the South African consulate in Hong Kong.

Alongside the #Mandela100Yogathon, Khabonina conducted a special workshop at the City University in Hong Kong where she opened the minds of students to the power yoga has had on her personally and the effects it has on a person’s mind, body and spirit. She also spoke to students about her innovative #AfroYoga concept – a message she continues to spread throughout Africa. Khabonina received a University City award of the highest honour of a professional creative for the world from the director of City University Mr. Wilson Lam and YogaRaj himself.

“What an honour it was to be in Hong Kong to start off my #KhaboYoga tour and it was even more special doing so with my Yoga icon YogaRaj,” Khabonina said shortly after arriving back in South Africa. “We had sleepless nights planning this iconic #Mandela100Yogathon, and it was a great success! I’d like to thank Master Vusi Promotions for making sure this event runs smoothly.”

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