Xolani Gwala is back on radio

Xolani Gwala Radio 702 dies

Talk radio host Xolani Gwala will be returning to radio as he steps in on 702 The Afternoon Drive while Joanne Joseph is away.

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According to reports found on IOL, Xolani revealed in an interview on The Azania Mosaka Show on 702 on Thursday afternoon that his doctors said he is good to go back to work.

“I am happy, I’m strong, I’m nervous as hell and I’m emotional,” he said.

Gwala revealed in an interview that he was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer.

“I came straight from the hospital to do that interview, maybe two weeks prior I had my first surgery. I had lost so much weight, I was ill and really really ill,” he said.

“The discovered it through the liver first and traced it back to colon. It was in the colon. Seven out of eight segments of my livers were covered with cancer. My doctor said now that when he first looked at the scan, I had more cancer than I had a healthy liver,” Gwala said. 

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